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I have a friend at home who is trying to be a body builder and has started using an all protein diet, so I was curious what that entailed. But while I was reading up on it I found a lot of negative side affects:

1) A High Protein Diet Increases Your Risk Of Osteoporosis

Research shows that women who eat high protein diets based on meat have a higher rate of bone density loss than those who don’t. Women who eat meat lose an average of 35% of their bone density by age 65, while women who don’t eat meat lose an average of 18%. In the long run, bone density loss leads to osteoporosis.

Doctors believe that the reason for this is that a high protein diet requires your body to process more calcium. While many high protein diets allow for the consumption of dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt, your body might still extract calcium from your bones to get the extra amounts it needs to process the high amounts of protein in your diet.

2) A High Protein Diet Puts Strain On Your Kidneys

It’s well known that patients with kidney problems suffer from eating a high protein diet. While dieters with normal, healthy kidney function don’t seem to suffer any ill effects from eating a high protein diet, such a diet can put strain on your kidneys. Your kidneys are responsible for filtering a number of substances, including protein, from your blood. So a high protein diet can put strain on your kidneys; those with reduced kidney function should avoid such a diet.

3) High Protein Diets May Contribute to Cancer

Some studies show that high protein diets may contribute to the development of some cancers. People who eat low protein diets have been shown to have low blood levels of Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1). High protein diets increase blood levels of IGF-1, which some researches believe may contribute to certain forms of cancer.

4) High Protein Diets Can Cause Damage to Internal Organs

Your body needs carbohydrates to make energy. When you deprive your body of carbohydrates, it’s forced to burn body and dietary fat and protein to make energy instead. When your body begins to burn large amounts of body fat, ketones can accumulate in the body. When dangerous levels of ketones accumulate in the body, the dieter could succumb to a diabetic coma, which could be deadly without immediate treatment.

Even if ketones don’t accumulate to dangerous levels, you could suffer damage to the internal organs as your body burns the protein in the tissues of your heart, liver and kidneys for energy. Damage to the organs could lead, eventually, to organ failure.

5) High Protein Diets Cause Nutritional Deficiencies

Perhaps one of the most common risks of high protein diets is nutritional deficiency. Fruits and vegetables are necessary to a healthy diet, because they provide the vitamins and minerals your body needs. Cutting out whole grains eliminates dietary fiber and increases your risk of vitamin E and B deficiency, as well as irritable bowel syndrome and, in the long run, colon cancer.


I recently bought a gallon of fruit punch from the gas station, I know your not suppose to buy food from where you get gas but it was cheap. Because of this class I know look on the nutritional labels to see what I am actually consuming. To my surprise, which I shouldn’t really be too surprised, on the label it said contains less than 1% of juice. I actually laughed out loud when I read it and then told all my other roommates who engaged in a good laugh with me. But that makes sense because when i drank a glass of the fruit punch i automatically received a sugar rush. So i again looked on the label and notice that the corn syrup was through the roof and again I laughed because only I would buy something like this. Unfortunately I drank the whole gallon throughout the week and soon regretted it as I felt sick to my stomach with all the sugar en take.

I have just finished up my policy paper as the last requirement for the class and I did the paper on the new labeling requirements for meat packaging. And i am happy to say at least the industry and government is trying to clean up the meat industry. The new labels will inform the consumer about what is in their meat and what they are eating.  Throughout this semester I feel like we have bashed the meat industry for their actions in their conditions that they treat their animals. This may not have a direct result for how they are treated and what they are feed but now the consumers are more educated. With education people like me and you are able to make a decisions on whether we want to eat the meat and we also find out how important meat can be for our diet. Meat contains a lot of essential minerals that affect our diet, such as selenium and zinc. But I do not believe people know that or are aware that they need these certain minerals to e healthy individual.

Throughout this semester I have learned things that I would have never guessed to know. The one thing that pops out to me when thinking back on your class was the farmers feeding their cows corn. I wonder if everyone in our country knew that this is happening and I wonder i they know the ramifications that is led to the farmers feeding their livestock corn. When i heard that E-coli would be non-existence if it wasn’t for farmers feeding their livestock corn I was blown away. The fact that we are letting humans get diseases and in some instances die because of a technique that we are doing again blows my mind. I don’t understand how the USDA and people in government can let this go on and be okay with it. It is almost like they either do not know the cause and effect of corn or they are turning their shoulder the other way. Either way it is disgusting to know that our government would let its happen and it is more disgusting that the farmers and big corporation are okay with doing this. I am a finance major I understand that people need to make a living but is it okay that knowing your money is coming from people getting sick. I may be a little irrational by saying this but it could be compared to drug dealers selling drugs on the street.

I was reading and looking at the 100 foods to eat before you die and one thing on the list that really intrigued me was all foods from the sea. The first thing that popped up was eating shark. I have eaten a lot of fish, well for me it has been a lot, but i never have thought about eating a shark before. Everyone sees Shark Week, the first week in August, and not once has it crossed my mind to cut open a shark and eat their meat. I can imagine that if you put enough seasonings and sauces on the meat that it would taste pretty good. Just knowing that I am eating a shark would gross me out. I also wonder what kind of shark, there are so many different species of shark in the, what kind of shark are we able to process and eat? If it was possible i would want to eat a Great White Shark only because he is the killer of the sea and to actually be able to eat their meat would be an unique experience.

I was re reading my blog post that I wrote about Easter and how much food and the types of food that we ate during Easter. As i read the Western Diet came to my mind. I believe I we started out our dinner with lasagna and ended with multiple desserts. But in the middle I mention we had 3 different types of meat. And according to our class the Western Diet consists of a lot of junk foods and a ton of meat, which my family had a lot of. I also mention that the only fruit and vegetables that we had was salad or strawberries and bananas that we dipped in chocolate fondu. If you took a look at our dinner table it is the exactly replica of what is wrong with our country and many other countries that involuntarily use the diet.

This last Sunday we celebrated Easter, to my family Easter is a big deal. My family is very tight so we use any excuse to get together and have dinner. And what a dinner it was. For not having a home cooked meal in months it was good to come home and have a good old fashion Italian meal. And if any one knows the Italian meals the dinner is not quick, we start early and finish late. The meal starts with 2 plates of cooked lasagna, coated with meat sauce and ricotta cheese. And then comes the four course meal starting with salad, not quite sure why the salad is second but it always is. My grandfather cooks beef so tender that it falls apart in your mouth. He cooks it rare so that in the middle there is a pink juicy flavor. Also ham and turkey are put onto the table, again not quite sure we have 3 segments of meat onto the table but I don’t mind. The only greens that are on the table are is the salad and I am just realizing that now as I am writing this blog. But we do have a lot of starch beginning with potatoes coquettes and ending with my absolute favorite sweet potatoes that are coated on top with marshmallows. And when you don’t think you can eat any more my Aunt brings out desserts. Because my grandfather and my mother give up chocolates and sweets for lent the table is filled with the cake, cookies, pastries, fondu etc. It has taking me roughly 3 days to come out of my eating coma and I am now finally able to eat a meal.