Throughout this semester I have learned things that I would have never guessed to know. The one thing that pops out to me when thinking back on your class was the farmers feeding their cows corn. I wonder if everyone in our country knew that this is happening and I wonder i they know the ramifications that is led to the farmers feeding their livestock corn. When i heard that E-coli would be non-existence if it wasn’t for farmers feeding their livestock corn I was blown away. The fact that we are letting humans get diseases and in some instances die because of a technique that we are doing again blows my mind. I don’t understand how the USDA and people in government can let this go on and be okay with it. It is almost like they either do not know the cause and effect of corn or they are turning their shoulder the other way. Either way it is disgusting to know that our government would let its happen and it is more disgusting that the farmers and big corporation are okay with doing this. I am a finance major I understand that people need to make a living but is it okay that knowing your money is coming from people getting sick. I may be a little irrational by saying this but it could be compared to drug dealers selling drugs on the street.