I was reading and looking at the 100 foods to eat before you die and one thing on the list that really intrigued me was all foods from the sea. The first thing that popped up was eating shark. I have eaten a lot of fish, well for me it has been a lot, but i never have thought about eating a shark before. Everyone sees Shark Week, the first week in August, and not once has it crossed my mind to cut open a shark and eat their meat. I can imagine that if you put enough seasonings and sauces on the meat that it would taste pretty good. Just knowing that I am eating a shark would gross me out. I also wonder what kind of shark, there are so many different species of shark in the, what kind of shark are we able to process and eat? If it was possible i would want to eat a Great White Shark only because he is the killer of the sea and to actually be able to eat their meat would be an unique experience.