This last Sunday we celebrated Easter, to my family Easter is a big deal. My family is very tight so we use any excuse to get together and have dinner. And what a dinner it was. For not having a home cooked meal in months it was good to come home and have a good old fashion Italian meal. And if any one knows the Italian meals the dinner is not quick, we start early and finish late. The meal starts with 2 plates of cooked lasagna, coated with meat sauce and ricotta cheese. And then comes the four course meal starting with salad, not quite sure why the salad is second but it always is. My grandfather cooks beef so tender that it falls apart in your mouth. He cooks it rare so that in the middle there is a pink juicy flavor. Also ham and turkey are put onto the table, again not quite sure we have 3 segments of meat onto the table but I don’t mind. The only greens that are on the table are is the salad and I am just realizing that now as I am writing this blog. But we do have a lot of starch beginning with potatoes coquettes and ending with my absolute favorite sweet potatoes that are coated on top with marshmallows. And when you don’t think you can eat any more my Aunt brings out desserts. Because my grandfather and my mother give up chocolates and sweets for lent the table is filled with the cake, cookies, pastries, fondu etc. It has taking me roughly 3 days to come out of my eating coma and I am now finally able to eat a meal.