I remember it was one of the first weeks in class and we had a discussion on the healthiest milk that we can consume. I have been drinking milk all my life, I don’t think I can go a week with out having at least a big glass of milk. With that said I have only been drinking 2% milk, coming into this class I didn’t really understand the differences between raw milk, soy milk, whole, milk, skim milk etc. And then professor Dancs requested that I took a look into the Raw Milk debate which concerns the issues of food safety and claimed health benefits of raw milk, and whether authorities responsible for regulating food safety should prohibit sale of raw milk for consumption. Over the past decade the consumption and the demand for raw milk has increased. Typically raw milk has been consumed by farm families  but raw milk advocates claim a variety of health benefits attribute to untreated dairy products. But government officials government officials and scientific researchers stress that there are substantial food safety risks associated with raw milk. This has opened up for a great debate because until we find out more scientific evidence that supports either one of these assumptions we may never know what to believe.  But if the government is correct and they are safety risks that are targeted to raw milk the consumers needs to be aware and notified. But in the other direction if raw milk demand is increasing it must be for a valid reasons, so to say that their are no health benefits to drinking raw milk may be ignorant. We need more evidence to support each hypothesis so us as the consumers are more conscious of these food products that may or may not be healthy for us.