I was watching T.V and a commercial came on came on asking random people from the street if a certain topic was a myth or medicine and one of the questions was regarding coffee. The question that they asked a lady was can drinking 1 to 3 cups of coffee today can help retain memory. My first thought was that no that had to be a myth, for all my life I have heard how bad coffee was for your health, how it stunts your growth or it makes your teeth yellow etc. But my thought process was quickly discerned when the man asking the question told the lady that it was a medicine instead of a myth. So I had to do a little more research on that topic. What I came up with confirmed that T.V. commercial. Coffee is a stimulant and it works to stimulant not only your heart but your mind as well. It can give a person an extra boost because of the caffeine. This boost could be all a person needs to clear their mind. The caffeine that is coffee jolts the brain activity so the brain can retain more information. I always remember my mom telling me in the morning “don’t ask me any questions until I had my cup of coffee”, and now I know why. But coffee is not the only thing that can help, tea , chocolate and chocolate milk can have the same affect on the brain and memory retaining as coffee can.