Yesterday I was sitting in my International trade class taught by Professor Petrick and we were discussing difference in price wages between countries and how imports and exports are effected. Even though the import and export is not necessarily important to our class in did remind me of our discussion we had in Monday’s class about organic vs processed foods. A topic came up about the Supermarket and how they market their products by putting the milk all the way in the back so you have to walk through the store to purchase it. And we started talking about the organic aisle and how small and different priced it was in regards to processed foods. I strictly believe that Supermarkets are over pricing these items for a reasons, this reasons I am not certain of but I do have some assumptions.I would love to organize an experiment by switching the prices between organic and non organic products and see if there is a change in consumer preferences. I do believe that if the consumer sees a difference in price from the organic and processed foods in favored of the organic foods that the consumer will start to purchase the organic products over processed. Which in return would make our world and country a lot healthier and safer. Just food for thought maybe we can organize a field trip and see if this experimient works like I think it would.