As it so happens this week I have came down with a cold and a little bit of a cough. So i wonder what was the best food/ drinks that would best help me cure my cold quickly. My mother has always told me that chicken soup was by far the best thing to eat to cure a cold. But I did some research and I have found that drinking a lot of  Vitamin C actually is the best thing someone can do when they are sick. Orange juice, Lime juice, Lemonade are one of the better drinks to drink while you are sick as they are rich with Vitamin C. But unfortunately I am not that smart as rest is also a key ingredient in to getting better and haven’t had more than 6 hours of sleep in 3 weeks. So for this weekend I am going to strictly drink water and a lot of orange juice or whatever drink I can find with a high dose of Vitamin C. I have notice that Vitamin C is one of the better things to intake for many illnesses. I have also read which really surprised me was eat spicy foods. They say this because spicy foods reduce the congestion a common cold brings to your body. As I am writing this I am still shocked that spicy foods help so for my next meal I am going to add some hot sauce to my chicken soup and see how that works.