Because of this class I am trying to more conscious of what I eat and what kind of ingredients some of the food I eat have. And one night while I was making a tuna fish sandwich i accidentally looked on the top of the can. It  said on top of the can  with a check mark on it was Omega 3. That actually made me laugh only because of what we were talking in class how most food products will not put if it has omega 3 or Omega 6 on the can. I actually didn’t know what Omega 3 or 6 was until this class.  It also has low sodium and low carbs on the top of the can and i think that is important because it is letting the consumer know what they are purchasing. It also helps our country get a lot healthier, as we have learned from our presentation United States in the last 20 years have grown increasingly obese. And acknowledging this fact is our first step in correcting our problem.