I was watching the Grammy’s on Sunday night and a commercial from Chipotle and it was a 2 minute commercial showing the consumer that Chipotle was starting from the beginning. And it was so intriguing because this commercial basically summed up the movie we watch in class, “Food Inc.” and how farmers and more meat producers need to start using more humane ways to breed and feed their animals. This also beings me back to what we discussed in class today in what meat packing producers need to do to cut down E coli. By feeding their animals grass instead of wheat and corn cows and their meat would no longer produce E-coli in their meat. Instead of injecting their animal with hormones to make them grow faster use natural grass and let nature takes its course with their animals. We would be a lot more healthy if big meat producers such as Tyson and Perdue would start to feed their animals what they naturally eat.