After reading and watching “Food Inc.” in class about McDonald’s, I decided to go out and actually eat it for dinner. That may have not been the best decisions since this morning I woke up with a stomach ache because of the unhealthy food that I ate. But in my defense their commercials are so dang persuasive. They make their double cheeseburgers look like gourmet meals, with the cheese melted to complete perfection  and their charcoal burgers that are cooked to melt in your mouth. But in reality their burgers are filled with fat and grease and their cheese is most likely weeks old. As I ate my double cheeseburger all I could think about was the article that had the pink slime that came from the burger. Every bite I thought about what I was eating and where it had come from but unfortunately it didn’t stop me from eating every last bite. And that is one of my problems when I get hungry I will eat anything regardless of where it is from or how it was made, as long as it tastes good and doesn’t kill me I’ll eat it.