I was watching CNBC a show called “Street Signs” and a segment came on about cattle and trading cattle as an export. And it was interesting to me how fortunate we are to see cattle as a commodity. Countries such as North Korea and China cattle is a deliciously only way to attain cattle is to trade for it with the United States. But our run of having low-cost cattle maybe coming to end or eating cattle at a low price. In the short-term market cattle will become pricey for the every day spender, as our economy as we all know is in a rough state. I also saw that big time markets like a” Testco” who has been in America for a couple of years now still have not been able to break even. Because of our rough economy it is taking a toll not only on the everyday food shopper but on the employees of these major food chains. People are no longer buying to try different foods but we are buying what we know and in small quantities. Shopper are also going from store to store searching and finding the lowest price for each item. Because , there are so many chains of food markets such as Costco, Stop and Shop, Shoprite, Wal-Mart etc. it is becoming harder for food markets to keep their costumer loyality.