It is funny how your body and food are so in sync with each other. What I mean by that is I can always tell if I had a good meal or a good day of eating  because of how my body reacts to the food the next day.  For instance, the quality of food that I eat at home compared to the food that I eat at school is uncomparable. From pork roast and scallop potatoes to frozen chicken patty’s and oatmeal is a big change that body endures. After a day of eating frozen foods and mac cheese my body lets my know that my food intake needs to improve, as I wake up with stomach pains and discomfort.

What will happen to me as I grow up and my body starts to change. The saying that I always hear my father say is “I cannot eat what I use to”. And the one thing that I have notice with me father is his drinking and the after math of a night of drinking. Every morning after he has a little to much to drink I always hear him complaining of how badly his stomach hurts and how old age is catching up with him. I think that has most to do with how his body is changing and how different foods/drinks effect the body differently as time ticks on. Everyone one day will find out what they can and cannot eat as everybodies body is different but it makes me laugh, maybe because he is my father, but how he can’t put things in his body like he use to.