As I ate my General Taos’s with white rice I wonder what kind of meat I was actually eating. Since our last class and watching Food Inc I have curiously wonder where the food that I have been putting in my body has been coming from. But Chinese food where and what is it made out of. Cow? Pig? Cat? I only say cat because when I was little my friends would tease me and say that I am eating cat when I ordered Chinese. Anyways, Chinese restaurants never give you the ingredients that they put in their food; there are never really tables of ingredients that we would see on a cereal box or a can of corn. So as I sat and vigorously enjoyed my Chinese food I wondered what grade of meat I was actually eating. We see cases all the time especially with fast food chains on the grade of meat they use. Just last spring Taco Bell was criticized for using grade G meat, which may taste delicious is downright disgusting. As enjoyed as I was to eat the flavorful of meat, I was almost disgusted when I cut into the piece of chicken and saw what it looked like. The meat consisted of dark brown meat that was strung together by a glazed fried crust.  Even though it tasted unbelievable it made me wonder where it from, was where was it produced, what animal produced this piece of chicken. I have all these questions but no answers, I guess I have some more research to do.